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The Loft at Meadowbrook

Yellow and Navy Plaid Show Shirt
Price: $64.95
This 100% cotton shirt has long sleeves and two chokers. Under a navy jacket, this shirt will shine! Click here to see the button back closure on the choker. In sizes 44 - 52.
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White Overall Design Show Shirt
Price: $64.95
This beautiful white show shirt has a subtle pattern, comprising a floral pattern and stripe. With long sleeves and two chokers, this shirt will withstand the rigors of a long day of showing. Click here to see the button closure on the choker. In sizes 42 - 52.
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Price: $7.95

Tired of never being able to find your seam-ripper to unbraid at the end of a long show? Well this D-Braider is just for you! At 6.5"" long, the handle is secure and comfortable in your palm. The tip is a J-shaped sharp edge that will undo that yarn without cutting the hair.

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Thrush Eliminator Hoofpick
Price: $6.95

This hoofpick "used correctly, aids in preventing thrush. Cleans under shoe/plate, cleans all areas of the hoof and helps prevent bacterial build-up in hard to get areas." With a comfortable grip handle, let us pick a color for you.

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Buddy Brush by Epona
Price: $8.95

Another fun brush for your grooming box! This multi-colored nylon bristle brush is a companion brush to the flower groomer. Fits easily in your hand. 5"" diameter.  See detail for back of brush.

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Bronze Wooden Picture Frame
Price: $28.95

This lovely frame is perfect for that special 5"" x 7"" photograph. Whether you hang it on the wall or have it on your desk, this frame will enhance any picture. With a brass snaffle bit embellishment, outside dimensions are 11"" x 9"".

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