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The Loft at Meadowbrook

Wilkers Regular Pad
Price: $37.95

This close contact pad is made from fluffy, bright white polyester fleece. It has a quilt bottom and  girth and billet loops.  Close contact style. 15-15 1/2"/16-16 1/2"/17-17 1/2"

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Willie Bakery Banana Biscuits
Price: $3.95

Yummy! Get 12 bite-sized pieces for that favorite pony or horse. Once they eat one, you will be buying more! Made with oats, flour, molasses and banana flavoring.

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Winner's Circle Black Whisker Brush
Price: $7.95

3" long polypropylene fibers are medium stiff and have just the right bounce to "whisk" that dust and dirt away. Ideal for quick brush downs.

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Winner's Circle Horsehair Blend Brush
Price: $12.95

This brush is made of the finest horsehair available (tails only!!) and is blended with synthetic fibers to create a very soft, yet durable mix. This is an excellent finishing brush for body, face and other delicate areas.

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Winner's Circle Medium Grey English Brush
Price: $9.95

A blend of black Indiana Palmyra and bleached Mexican Tampico create a salt-and-pepper look. This brush is a good over-all body brush, loosening trapped dirt, mud and dust.

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Winner's Circle Soft Ivory Poly Brush
Price: $9.95

A wonderful soft brush. Polypropelene bristles combine for an excellent sweeping action that easily removes dust and debris from your horse's coat. Easy to clean brush that will last a lifetime.

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