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The Loft at Meadowbrook

Wilkers Combination Pillow Wraps
Price: $18.95 - $21.95

100% cotton flannel on the inside to caress your horse's legs and broadcloth cotton blend on the outside to repel shavings. Extra thick and washable with a 1/2"" foam lining. 38"" long. White. Set of two. Sizes 10", 12", 14" and 16".

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Wilkers Cantle Lift Pad
Price: $44.95
This pad has a 2"" foam cantle to raise the back of the saddle. No foam is sewn in the flaps of the pad to allow for maximum contact. Fleece top and quilt bottom. Close contact style. Sizes: 15 - 15 1/2""/ 16-16 1/2"" / 17-17 1/2 ""
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White Poly Brush
Price: $3.95

This is my favorite brush! White poly bristles on a wood back make a medium soft brush that can be used on body and face. Cleans beautifully with soap and water. 8" long

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White Overall Design Show Shirt
Price: $64.95
This beautiful white show shirt has a subtle pattern, comprising a floral pattern and stripe. With long sleeves and two chokers, this shirt will withstand the rigors of a long day of showing. Click here to see the button closure on the choker. In sizes 42 - 52.
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What Your Horse Wants You To Know
Price: $19.99

What Your Horse Wants You To Know, by Gincy Self Bucklin. Learn to read the signs and signals your horse gives you. This book "reveals how to communicate effectively...to create an atmospher of mutual cooperation."

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Walsh Fancy Stitched and Padded Halter
Price: $89.95

This fancy stitched halter comes in a wonderful buttery brown color. With solid brass buckles, double-buckle crownpiece and rolled throat, this is the perfect halter for the show grounds or when you are just "showing off"! Available in Cob, Full, and Extra Full.

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